About Auricloud

Auricloud is one of the fastest growing companies offering unique services in the global Xeden Cloud. Auricloud comes from decades of innovation in the media sector including Radio, Television, Movies, Music, Digital Signage, and the Internet. Being one of the first to embrace the idea of the Cloud, Auricloud chose the Xeden Cloud with its unique 'Corners' because they are based upon a Digital Rights Exchange (DRE). The DRE is key to providing copyright clearances and conditional access to media and derivitive works containing media to All Auricloud accounts.

The Internet of Everything
This interesting phrase and variations of it are meant to describe new devices and appliances that were not previously able to connect to a network now interfacing with new networks and the Internet. The Auricloud technology comes from over three decades of connecting devices and providing intelligence to a wide range of devices and it is very likely it has touched your life at some time. Theme park attractions, live music staging, sports broadcasting from Hollywood to local stadiums and arenas, News Broadcasting, and so much more have been using our technology for years. It became time to merge our Mediasynchronous 'Internet of Everything' with the Cloud. This is Auricloud.

Auricloud is bringing a family of unique cloud services to everyone including a family of secure libraries with features not found in other clouds yet matching the pricing policies for cloud storage. In addition, virtual television or radio stations, global intercom systems, media channels, and production tools are but a few of the cloud services we are introducing.