Auricloud Services

Auricloud is one of the fastest growing companies offering unique services in the Global Xeden Cloud. This Xeden Cloud provides individuals and businesses with their own "Corner" of the Cloud. By signing up for an Auricloud account you will automatically be given a free Corner of the Xeden Cloud if you do not already have one. It is in this Corner that you can put a wide variety of cloud services including Auricloud Services.

What's in Your Corner?
When you log into your Auricloud account you will enter your Corner of the Global Xeden Cloud. It is in this Corner you will be able to select from all of the Auricloud Services to place in your Corner. Auricloud charges only for the services you put in your Corner and only for the time that you use them. All charges are clearly presented up front and your Corner comes with a usage and billing section for easy tracking of your usage.

Auricloud Libraries
The most popular Auricloud Service is our collection of public and private libraries. Companies use our Knowledge Base library for their websites and businesses. Individuals use our private libraries to store their music, photos, and other personal data. Other services like our virtual television and radio stations use our libraries because each library is connected to the Xeden Digital Rights Exchange (DRE) which provides the rights clearances for that media. This DRE provides publishing, copyright, and many other features. Combined with our enhanced security this makes the Auricloud libraries a far better way to use cloud storage. It is free to put a library in your Corner and the first four gigs of storage are always free. Sign in to Auricloud to view your options.